Say hello to the Wabbits!

The Wabbits comprise “Little One” Amber and Hugo. They have their own Instagram account (thewabbits) which is literally 30 times more popular than my own account. They even got sent some socks from Happy Socks!

Little One was adopted from Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Old Coulsdon, Surrey in November 2014 together with “Big One” Honey who sadly passed away in July 2017. She’s a blue dwarf lop, around 5 and a half years old, we think (no way to really know for sure) and is the grumpiest grump ever. She’s famed for her unusual hiney skirt which I affectionately dub the buttlap (as opposed to a dewlap, which is a larger chest some female bunnies have).

Yes there’s a tail under there. The day she came home I suddenly realised, to my horror,  I couldn’t see her tail and thought someone had chopped it off! Then I lifted the buttlap, there it was! 

These are trees from the gardens in Hampton Court Palace. Looked very familiar to me! 

Hugo has a bit of a confusing history. We decided Little One should have a companion as rabbits are very social animals. She looked so lonely after Big One passed away, and I, despite my best efforts, can’t speak bunny. I’ll elaborate on their bonding process another time, but he’s from Animal Rescue and Care (ARC) in Twickenham, where the lovely Claire managed to bond these two! He’s a lionhead bun with English Spot markings. Hugo was from a squad of 4 boys. I was initially told his name was Hugo, born May 2017, but when I received his paperwork, it said Milo, born January 2017, so I have no clue how old he really is either. 🤷🏻‍♀️He is the happiest, floppiest, zoomzoomiest bunny ever!

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