Papercut Patterns Reversible Rigel Bomber Jacket

Just some photos and notes on the making of my Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber made last year with speckled Robert Kaufman chambray on one side and Liberty Tresco Tana Lawn (green or C colour way) on the other! There’s also some cotton wadding (for quilting) to make it warmer (and to make the print pop, as the tana lawn is a little see thru)! First fell in love with this print when my sister bought a miniskirt and shirt in this print from J Crew ages ago, and since then I’ve wanted to make everything in this print 😂

I made some small amendments after stalking probably all the tagged posts on Instagram (most notably TimetoSew Kate’s winter version), with the main takeaways being that the jacket ran a little short and that the cuffs were a teensy bit loose! Amendments made:

  1. Cut the cuffs the next size down
  2. Lengthened the bodice by at least an inch or two
  3. Made the pocket bags bigger as they were a teensy bit insipid when I did my test run of the welt pocket (ie couldn’t fit my iPhone comfortably, which is crucial!)! My pockets extend almost to the zipper in the middle and to the waistband at the bottom; the seam allowance is sewn into the waistband to secure it so it doesn’t flap about, I’m waging war against flappy pockets..
  4. Moved the collar a teensy bit higher (in some of the photos of people’s makes you could see their t-shirts peeping out over the bottom of the collar, and I also wanted to keep my neck nice and warm!

I mostly used this fab Mood Fabrics tutorial on their free reversible bomber as guidance on how to make it reversible! Also one thing I made sure to do was to stretch the collar out properly when sewing so that it would hug the neck nicely (some people had complained about the collar being a bit sticky uppy!)!

I love this jacket, it has gotten tons of wear since it was completed! Only issue is my stitching on the pockets was a bit shoddy and they’ve come loose (make sure you backstitch/secure the sides of your welt pockets properly!!), have to fix it when I can be bothered to do it! Have you made one yourself? Do you love/hate it?


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